Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Filler In The Lantern

 Do any of you shop at Kirklands?
They have some super fun things that won't break the bank when it comes to price, and I could walk around their store for nearly an hour, you know.... just to make sure I see absolutely every option.
 They always offer a super selection of seasonal items.... if you get there early, like in August so you can get great things for fall.
 They had numerous styles of lanterns... this one was $35, and I also purchased some great fall filler for it...... now I still need to get some wired ribbon at Michaels to put on the final touch of autumn.
 My plan is to use the lantern atop the entertainment center.
 I also used the excess filler to freshen up the look of what was already in the wooden bowl.
 One of the bags of fillers I purchased had lots of sliced oranges, and apples.

So here it is atop the entertainment cabinet, along with a $19.99 wreath from Wal-Mart, owls from last year, and a pine bowl I painted way back in 1998. Once I add the ribbon to the top of the lantern I will consider this fall decor a done deal.
or maybe not.
When it comes to fall I just can't help myself.


  1. Love that lantern and the fillings! Good find

  2. Love the lantern and the filler! I think all of us are ready for cooler temps. Waiting for the next installment of fall decor at your house!

  3. I really miss Kirklands..ours was closed years ago..I used to shop there weekly..