Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Italian Oriental Stir Fry

 We are calling this our Italian Stir Fry simply because it has bell peppers instead of bamboo shoots and snow peas.  
 Sometimes you just have to work with what's in the fridge, and this dish was not a disappointment.
 My husband had decided he wanted stir fry, so he purchased a bottle of teryiaki sauce but no oriental veggies.... not a problem for this man who always knows how to make things work in the kitchen.
 So, it has cubed chicken breasts, green bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, red onion, and just before it was done cooking in the wok, he added a few cherry tomatoes from the fridge that needed to be used before they went bad on us.
This is the Teriyaki sauce he used, and although quite flavorful, it has a TON of sodium in it, as do all store bought teriyaki sauces.... Everything else used in this dish was healthy for us, and we don't choose to use this sauce often, so I hardly doubt we will be falling over and dying from the high sodium anytime soon.
 We ate this Italian Oriental stir fry (our name for it) over sticky rice.
 It was a treat to eat so I am recommending it if wok cooking is something you enjoy..... and next time we may or may not buy snow peas to toss into the mix.

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  1. That looks yummy! I left a small basket of fresh organic grape tomatoes on your counter. We have an overabundance this year. Also left some freshly picked red raspberries...blackberries are gone for the season.