Friday, August 26, 2016

It's August But It's Autumn

 I've been taking a bit of time to get the 'look' of our family room ready for fall.
 I knew I wanted to use the over-sized, LARGE vases that I already had.  They were purchased at Pier One some years ago, this brown one with the paint drippings, when we lived in Arizona.  I have had pussy willows in it for some time now on the dining room table downstairs.  This house has no formal dining room, so it sits in the basement, along with the china cabinet, but it was time this year to bring the vase upstairs for a touch of autumn.

Pier one has some gorgeous fall stems this year, especially these faux gingko leaf bundles which were 20% off.  Once I saw them I looked no further for silk fall foliage for our home.  Pier One's were hands down THE prettiest, and mixed in with the pussy willows I had, well... I just thought they were stunning inside the front doorway.
The vase alone is a bit over 22 inches in height... the stems make it VERY large, but when it comes to some things in home decor I say 'go big or go home'.  LOL
 I also have two other good sized vases, and also purchased at Pier One some years back, a Manager's Special price that day of $10 each for what were originally $50 vases I believe.  Again... 'go big or'... get the idea.
 I use one of the vases in the dinette area of our home with sprays of lemon branches, but the other is on the fireplace mantel.  The brown paint drip vase was too tall for this location, but the green one worked well with it's height of 14 inches.
 It's green color with a bit of brown trim on the edges is a color I can use year round, and for springtime I had faux forsythia branches in it which remained on the mantel all spring as well as summer.
 For this vase, and getting with the autumn look, I chose three different Pier One products.
Three of their Faux Dancing Orchid Spray,
two of their Faux Mini Maple Leaves Branches,
and one of their Faux Oak Leaf Stems so that I would have just a dash of acorns in the mix.

 I must have roamed their store for an hour to find just the right mix that I wanted.
The ladies at our local Pier One store are awesome... they offer up suggestions and even let me use one of their store vases to so that I could place the stems in it to see what the final look would be.
 I purchased the silver owls at Pier One a year ago, such a happy purchase and they add a touch of playfulness since I don't like being overly serious about my decor.
The small wreath on the stand and the gold pumpkin are also from last year or the year before.
 The gathered sheaf of wheat was from a year ago also... our local Steinmart store.
 *Mantel view from the kitchen*
 The total cost of all of the Pier One stems and branches was more than I had planned to spend, but considering that all other items were already in my home, it did help somewhat in keeping the 'fall look' I had hoped to achieve down.

Time to move on elsewhere in our home with more fall decor.

 *this post was not done in conjunction with Pier One, nor did I receive any compensation from them*


  1. Looking lovely! I'm looking forward to the fall but refusing to give up on late summer just yet. Give me another couple weeks. :D

  2. That looks really pretty! Personally i do love big arrangements and yours look great!

  3. How lovely!! I must check out their website and order a few of those branches - I saw some at PB the other day, but they were WAYYYYYY too expensive!!

  4. Looking perfectly falllish . . .
    Bring it on . . . love the fall season . . .
    And will appreciate some cool instead of hot!

  5. Very nice! I am slowly transitioning -- it is still very hot here so hard to get completely into fall decor. You gave me some good ideas tho with those branches. I forget about how wonderful Pier One is. I'll have to get reacquainted with them!

  6. Love your fall decor! The branches definitely say "fall is coming".