Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Pansy Song

 We planted pansies yesterday,
because it's pansy season.
 They are one of my favorite flowers, possibly because they, along with daffodils, are the first to greet us as we enter the spring season after a cold spell of winter.
 They look up and sing to the sun.
And who can resist a flower that has a face on it?
Not I.

Sing pansy... sing!

I'll be back with more pansy photos sure to put a smile on your face today.
Happy Birthday to my eldest granddaughter, Madeline.  She is fourteen today!!


  1. Pansies do have a face of cheer . . .
    Happy Birthday to your Madeline . . .

  2. Happy Birthday Madeline! She is a beautiful young lady! Pansies have such sweet little faces and they last until it gets really hot. I always have a hard time choosing as they are all so pretty. xoxo

  3. HAppy Birthday Madeline..Love the smiling Pansy faces..