Friday, March 11, 2016

Peachy Flannel Shirt

 It was sort of a perfect spring day today.
I donned a lightweight flannel shirt in a peachy plaid and headed out to the deck to see what was going on out in the yard.

 The shirt was on clearance at Aeropostale earlier in the week and since it was so lightweight I decided it would work for spring days with cool mornings.
*notice anything else new?*

The shirt worked well over a pair of black stretch pants.

*come on.... what's new here?*
 My husband was pulling more electrical through the conduit which he laid last fall for the lights at the end of the driveway... and since next week the final stone wall is to be built along this side of the driveway *the FINAL wall* he needed to get it done today.

OH, and I didn't just mess around all day today, but instead assisted him when it was time to pull the wire through.  Teamwork seems to work best around here.

 Rowdy offered moral support to his human father and spent the rest of the time walking around the wooded areas scoping out great pooping locations.
 Little Miss Izzy preferred dragging her rope around the yard hoping someone would come down from the deck and play keep away with her.
She cheats, so I find it difficult to play that game with her.
 Once my assistance was no longer required I toddled off and purchased our pansies for the season, something I always look forward to each spring.
Now, go back up to a few of the top photos in this post and notice that there are now pansies on the deck railings.
THAT'S what's new!


  1. Pansies are perfect for this time of the plaid shirt...xo

  2. Pretty shirt..glad you got your pansies

  3. Great shirt on you!

    That chicken parmesan had me almost chewing on my arm, it looked so good LOL


  4. Love your light weight pinkish plaid flannel . . .
    And the pansies . . . what a treat.
    We are far away from pansy time. . .