Monday, March 14, 2016

What To Pot This Year

First.... YES... we will be planting lettuce in the garden this spring....
 but when we were at the garden center over the week-end shopping for pansies, I spied some pretty mix of potted lettuce varieties and asked my husband if we should pot and grow some on the upper deck near the kitchen door.
 His first response was, "nah", which is a conditioned response in him I think.
To immediately say, "no", but as he walked about the nursery and thought about it he changed his mind, and I spied a few containers of lettuce in his cart.
I knew it!
 Sometimes it takes me planting the thought in his head.
He even bought his very own lettuce pot, a pretty dark red one.

 So, yesterday, Sunday, the rain began to fall and it's still falling as I type this on Monday morning.

 If the rain continues, we'll be picking lettuce very soon.
nom nom nom.
Kinda feeling a bit like a rabbit today.


  1. I love this idea! I have seen lettuce in pots in past springs and where I live I think I could even grow them inside the house until the snow melts! Which I am starting to think will be NEVER! Anyway, I have been reading your posts as they come in my email and I love all your pictures. I loved the bunnies, I feel bad about your trees and I made Parmesan chicken the day you posted yours. Thanks so much for your inspiration! Have a great rest of the week. Peace! Cheryl

  2. Cute!! Nom nom nom looks like you could start munching now!!

  3. Good idea having a salad pot. We did something similar one year and it was convenient to the back door. The nice thing is, once it it cut it will regrow...xoxo

  4. Yummy! I'm not sure if I'm planting a garden this year, if I do it will be very small and I think I'll pick up some ferns to use on the decks. Flowers are so expensive and a lot to keep up with watering the containers every day. Maybe I'm just being lazy and will change my mind but for now I think I'll keep it simple. Enjoy that lettuce :)

  5. I love this.Fresh is always best. I can't wait to start enjoying our garden again. Hugs!