Saturday, January 9, 2016

Polka Dot Pajamas

So, you have a pet sitting business and you're hired for the week-end to care for a family's cats while they are out of town.
You're wearing your blue polka dot pajamas and it's already after dark, so you decide you are dressed appropriately and head on over to their house to feed the kitties and spend a bit of time with them so they won't feel completely abandoned while their family is away.

There's a paper plate to use for spreading a bit of kitties' food so they can get their tummies full, and since your blue polka dot jambes are full of your own pets' hair already, you climb down onto the floor, sit for a spell with the kitties and then even roll around with them for a few minutes on the floor and let them meow in content with full bellies;  always did love cats, and it's probably why you have a couple of them at home, along with two dogs.  The fish 'is' no longer.... but that's another story for another cold winter's day.

Kitties are now fed, so you head back home to snuggle with your own pets knowing that you have fulfilled the first of a two day contract to care for someone else's fur babies.

The next day you drive past that same home and notice that the wife of the couple who lives there, who hired you, is looking out her kitchen window.
"Uh Oh"

AND, so you call her to tell her that you must have mixed up the week-ends and you are sorry that you entered their home and fed their kitties the night before.
"Oh that's okay", says the woman.  "We were upstairs asleep and didn't even hear you".

Aren't you glad they are sound sleepers and that 911 was not called, sending the police who would have dragged you off to jail wearing polka dot pj's?

True story, although it was not me.... but it was a family member.
She's still laughing about it.


  1. That is a HOOT . . .
    Loving that you shared it!
    Reminds me of me this morning.
    Outdoors in my nightie . . .
    Scooping up Snicks "doo" and wondering how much the neighbors would love it if I slipped on the icy snow and had to call the ambulance.
    I can see it now . . .
    Old Lady In Nightgown Slips On Ice, not a good look . . .

  2. That is a hilarious story! Good thing they didn't have an alarm system...

  3. Funny story..The kitties didn't seem to mind !