Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dunkin Donuts

When boredom sets in and you're feeling like a hunk of road kill... not that it ever does for this old gal who feels as though she has been trapped inside a Dunkin Donuts box and eaten each and every one of them since the rain started in early December and still continues to fall, then perhaps  you will choose to turn to your television and a few great shows.
The Coveteur blog has a few suggestions for us.

OR, you may continue to live happily inside the Dunkin Donuts box should you choose.


  1. The Dunkins sure look fun and kind of purdy . . .
    Not sure why, but not much of a doughnut fan . . .
    Funny thing . . . hubs brought home two doughnuts from our favorite bakery yesterday.
    Even funnier . . . they were "his likes" not mine, so I lucked out, no eats!
    I like salty more than sweet anyway . . . unless there is chocolate close by . . .

  2. Love the raccoon donuts! That's a better way to see coons than in the garden, eating your corn...ha! Our rain stopped and now it is 7 degrees and overcast. Come on, Spring!