Wednesday, January 6, 2016


 Yes, our lawn is still green.
I know that in many areas that winter means brown, dead looking grass, but our lawns in Virginia tend to hold their green most of the winter.  We are, after all.... south of the Mason Dixon line.

December was a warm month for us, with no snow at all.... a green, balmy, foggy, wet month for the jingle of sleigh bells.  And we heard none.
But this week has turned into more of a bitter cold weather pattern, with night time temperatures low.... it was 10 degrees when I climbed out of bed this morning, and although the sun coming up has warmed things up a little..... it's still only sixteen degrees F.
Definitely having a cozy morning by the fire.  Just ask the pups!

I took these photos of the flurries on Monday, the 4th of January.
Snow squalls zoomed around and over the mountains, only to drop flurry flakes and nothing more.
Still, not enough for sleigh bells.

It's definitely been time for wearing a true 'winter' coat, and not just something lightweight with a scarf draped around the neck; a hat and gloves have been in order for me and my sweetie as well.

Here's a quick movie clip of the flurries taken from INSIDE my front door.
Izzy had been lying at the door in the sunshine... yes, flurries and sunshine all at once.


Or watch below.

Snow flurried most of the day on Monday the 4th, while the sun was out.
Posted by Diane Cayton-Hakey on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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  1. Cold for a few days then back in the 40' snow..very sunny...Lovely actually..I prefer this to the heat of summer as does Mollie...happy winter