Monday, January 11, 2016

Grilled Chops And A Warm Coat

 Frigid winter temperatures are here.  No snow.
Just frigid temperatures with WIND!
So I have finally been able to use the new winter coat I purchased some weeks ago, a tan wool peacoat by Calvin Klein from Belks, my leather hat from The Leatherhaus, and the fur infinity scarf purchased from The Loft on clearance way back in February of 2015. They kept me snuggly warm as I was leaving for the grocery store.
I had forgotten the potatoes that we wanted to back to go along with our pork chops for the evening meal.
 *These blurry photos are what happens when the sun is setting on a gray winter day
 and you forget to up the ISO setting on your camera.*

Hubby was out grilling the pork chops.
It was brrrrrr out there on the deck,
when I asked him what I could do to fix the photos.
 He told me to up the ISO.
So I did.
Perfect advice.
 Once the chops were nicely grilled, we headed back inside to the warmth that the kitchen offered where the fireplace was going.
There ya go.
Grilled pork chops with enough left over for two more meals.
baked potato with sour cream,
and although it didn't make the photo.... a side of cucumber salad.
Perfect for a frigid January night's dinner.


  1. We have frigid temps here too! Love you scarf, I wear a scarf everyday no matter what the outfit. Since my hair is cut short now my neck is always cold.

  2. You do look toasty warm in that coat and scarf. We have a couple days with no rain and so far, no wind. It's good to dry out a little between storms.

  3. Cold snow...lovely dinner!
    Linda :o)

  4. We grilled out as well and it was delicious!

  5. You look nice and toasty! Love the scarf. We have snow and very cold temps...thought we could get by with the warm days...not so...

  6. Very nice . . .
    Stylish look . . .
    Warm and comfy makes it a winner too . . .
    Grilled porkchop sounds wonderful . . .

  7. Nice coat..Love the hat..Yummy Pork chops