Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Single Or Double

Merry Christmas Eve Eve.
Got that?
The day before Christmas Eve.

I had to go shopping a couple of days ago.
NIGHTMARE in the parking lots.
Round and Round I went to get into the mall and to find a parking space that wasn't in Egypt or Australia.... I guess this means that the stores are having a successful retail season, and I like to see that happen so that we don't have anymore store closings in our mall.
You know... like The Gap store did this past year and how I boo hoo hoo'd and am still weeping a bit over that loss.

I did stop into Belks and try on some pea coats... I haven't had one since I was a teenager as I recall, and they are simply the best looking traditional styled coats you can buy that never ever go out of style.  Peacoats are on the racks every winter and really.... I doubt they will ever leave us.
A couple of years ago I purchased a long black coat... one that I have been disappointed in, not only the fabric, but the weight of it, and it attracts and holds onto every single dog hair it can find... dog hair on a black coat really bugs me.  So, I decided to get a lighter colored coat, and this pea coat (which actually comes in numerous colors) won't show puppy dog hair.
I purchased the double breasted, very plain, no bells and whistles, straps across the back, or a belt to tie.  Simplicity.

See... nothing on the back, although I would have still purchased it had it a fake belt on the back... sometimes those can be cute, and they also add a dimension of having a waistline to the back side of the jacket.  But mine is plain.

They also offered the same color in the Calvin Kkein brand that was single breasted and had button on the pockets.
They were both the same price, ON SALE NOW, and both came in multiple colors.
If you are interested in a sale priced Calvin Klein peacoat, check out the links below.

P.S.  I had to size up since it seemed narrow through the shoulders and chest.

They also have an Anne Klein Peacoat... a bit more expensive but cute.

Oh, and we are in the 50's and 60's with rain and fog... every day this month it would seem.... can't wait for a bit colder weather to set in so I can wear my new peacoat!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve shopping!


  1. I've always loved peacoats. I had a Navy blue when I lived in the Bay Area and got lots of use from it. Even though I could easily have several coats, I don't indulge because our weather and lifestyle doesn't call for it. Enjoy yours, it's a good color for you.

  2. I don't know that I've ever owned a coat like that. Hmm.