Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Boots

 *not the best boot shot in the world*
These first few photos are of the winter snow boots I purchased early last year when my husband was in California during his brother's brain tumor surgery, and I was here at home when a major snowstorm hit our area, and the shoveling of snow job fell on my shoulders.
*not fun*
I am not a great shoveler of anything (ahem)
Anyway, I researched a lot of winter boots at that time, and since I knew I would not be needing them for sub zero type weather, these BearPaw brand boots were my choice.
They are warm enough for clueing snow from the front sidewalk and they look good too.
 Once the heavy snows of today stop falling, I'll be assisting me husband with a bit of clearing and putting these Bearpaws to the test of warmth.
and also the test of keeping out any wetness from the snow, because if the feet get wet it can only mean one thing... THIS GIRL IS GOING INDOORS!!

A few weeks ago I started reading a blog called Alaskan Weredork, it's a fashion blog from the state of Alaska.  The photos can be dark at times, but they don't have much sun this time of the year, but I did enjoy her post from yesterday about boots... something of great importance to Alaskans since they have many days of sub-zero temperatures and warm boots are at the top of their fashion list this time of the year.

So, what was Katie's recommendations and boots of choice?
Well, it certainly was not Uggs or Sorels, but she did give a thumbs up to Stegers boots.

However... the winning boot in her opinion is the Bogs brand.
You can read her post HERE if you are looking for the warmest and driest boots to wear in wintertime,  
enjoy her blog too.


  1. Great picture of you "Ms Pepper!"
    I think your Alaskan friend probably knows best on what is the Best Boot . . .
    I like her Sorrels . . . although I need something with a bit more "dress" to wear when out and about for the day.
    The boots you purchased look very nice . . .
    How much snow there so far??

  2. We measured 10 inches on the back deck a few hours ago, and still snowing now.

  3. Is the snow there yet? Hope yall are safe and warm...please make pretty snow pictures for us?

  4. You definitely needed the boots for a day like this. Just in case you decide to make snow angels! Sun is shining here and no snow predicted...xo

  5. Bogs are my boot of choice. I have a pair of tall ones, with rubber foot and neoprene upper, and two pairs of their slip on garden shoes. I got mine at the Plow and Hearth Outlet in Madison years ago. Comfy and WARM!