Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Walk Around

 Yesterday morning it was off to see my doctor for a check-up, followed by a stop at the CVS store on my way home. It sits up on a slight hill at the northern edge of the small town of Daleville, and I couldn't help but take some snapshots of the brilliant red leaves outside their store.
If you have never been to the southwestern corner of the state of Virginia, please do yourself a favor and visit is the next time you have vacation coming during the autumn months of the year.  Mountains and blue skies abound, breathtaking views, so bring a spare card for your camera because you will most certainly fill it up.
There is a sweet coffeeshop in Daleville just across the road from the CVS, and it has an outdoor patio where you can sit and enjoy some time.
 Once I was home, it was mid-day and a lovely day at that.
I headed outside with my pocket camera as I wanted to capture what our property looks like this fall after we had so much work done on it in recent months.
 It's not a huge property... just over three acres, and enough to keep my husband busy when he's not working on a project for a client or paying them a visit.
 We put in rye grass seed after the backyard dirt fill was done, and NO... I have not adjusted or brightened the color on the grass.... it really IS that green.
 The front yard needs a bit of work too... some fresh dirt and grass seed since that soil is sub par and grows weeds better than it does grass.  Another project for another time.

There is a line of Bradford Pear trees at the south side of the front yard... don't think we would have planted them so closely together, but at this point in their life we certainly won't be taking them out. I do love the color they afford us every November as they turn from green to a peachy gold.
This is the view out our front door.

I'll share more of my walk around our property in another post so as not to over do with an onslaught of photos.

*onslaught - a large quantity of people or things that is difficult to cope with* 
Just giving you one of the definitions since there are readers who enjoy questioning my usage of words. 

P.S.  This blog is for fun and not for judging my vocabulary.... I am not writing a book or entering a writing competition, so if you seek perfection in writing you may want to consider going elsewhere in Blogland.  Enough said.


  1. Lovely. Looks just like PA. I like what you've done with it. The stonework is beautiful. Have a happy Sunday.

  2. Your property is lovely - those pear trees!! Gorgeous!! And your pup - what a cute little face!!

  3. I love your response to those who come here then have the nerve to nit-pick. Good for you, and I happen to love your Blog, because of you! I hope you keep writing and having fun for a long, long time <3

  4. More lovely . . .
    Love the Pear Trees . . .