Monday, December 7, 2015

Why Wait?

 The truth is, I've been hiding my weight gain.
*image from 2013*
 Prior to 2012 I didn't have much of a weight problem.
There was never the boing boing boing, up and down fight against pounds
and feeling good physically.
But by the spring of 2012 I was feeling pudgy,
so I took matters seriously and started eating a smart diet.
Smart for me that is.
Lots of fresh ground turkey breast and salads, and nearly took all sugar and carbs out of my daily food intake.
 I walked EVERY day, up and down our street.
I didn't count calories.
I counted pounds OFF by checking the scale each morning
as well as always taking note of how my pants fit.
 You see....
my weight gain happens around the waistline
so watching how my britches fit is how I can gauge weight loss.

 By September I was feeling at my best, both physically and mentally,
because for me, when I look in the mirror and see something unhealthy about my looks, it affects how my head feels about me.
Weight gain for me is nothing more than laziness.
*image from 2012 after weight loss at age 58*

I want to feel good again.
I want to be more svelte.
Call it what you want, whether it be my own vanity or perhaps just that I want to live life smarter and healthier.

I can't manage to walk on the road we now live on due to the hills being too difficult for my knees to handle, but biking works well for me.
I have had the recumbent exercise bike since Friday...
I started out doing 3 miles each morning, but today I increased it to 5 miles.
Let's see what happens with this now 61 year old body that I live in.
Oh, and I'm also eating less already and have more energy also.
Amazing what moving your body can do.

Why wait until after the holiday season and all of those sugary treats?
Why wait until I have added the weight of a Christmas ham around my waistline?
I've started already and if I miss out on cookies, bars and cakes, then so be it.
All the more for everyone else, right?
Let THEM eat cake!!


  1. Go for it! It is amazing what moving your body can do. I just need to move mine more!

  2. I need to kick myself in the butt and do what you are doing . . . NOW!