Sunday, December 6, 2015

Time To Go For A Ride

My new toy arrived on Friday... see it there behind the foliage?

Read out shows pulse, distance, elapsed time, heartbeats, speed, and calories burned.
 Easy to pedal OR you can adjust the tension for more difficulty.

it's quiet!!
My husband even commented that coming down the hallway he did not hear it.
Silence is golden, if I choose to do an early morning of exercise while my husband is still in bed asleep.
 I think I mentioned in a previous post that it is only $149.99 through Target, Wal-Mart or Amazon. I chose to make my purchase at Target.  It shipped all the way from California with no dings or dents and all wire connections in perfect working order.

It's such a nice size and fits into a small area in the corner of my home office.

 So happy that my neighbor has one and let me take hers for a spin before I made the decision to buy mine.
It's an awesome little recumbent exercise bike, and that fact that it sits near my computer, I can pull up some great videos with music on my computer as inspiration while I pedal away.
Hoping to shed some pounds soon with the help of this sweet little bike.

Merry Christmas from me to me!


  1. I wish you the best!! Happy peddling..

  2. Enjoy your present!!!letcus know how it goes okay? I am sure you will be successfull and reach goals

  3. Good luck with your new bike! I think that is the one that is on my Amazon wish list.

  4. You are tempting me . . .
    A bunch!