Monday, December 7, 2015

Scraping Away History In Botetourt County, Virginia

 Building #1
 Building #1 - the kitchen
 Buildings #1 and #2 hidden in trees at top of hill.
 The hill that our county leaders hope to slice away at after moving the historical buildings from the site in order to build a shell building in hopes of selling it to a company who may or may not purchase it and STAY in our county after reaping the benefits we taxpayers can give them.
 Building #1
 Building #2 - Slave quarters
One of the views from the hill where the historical buildings sit.
View from the hill where the historical buildings sit.
 Builidng #1 atop the hill that would be cut away, trees gone, history gone, 

The pond below the hill covered in trees in the background, where the buildings sit.
A view from the hill where the buildings are, to the pond below.
Best view in Greenfield?
 Building #1
 Entrance To Greenfield
 Trail leading up the hill to Buildings #1 and #2
 Building #2
 Building #2
 Building #2
 Building #1
 Building #1 maintenance/insufficient repairs made.
Neglected by Botetourt County who now wants to move the buildings elsewhere, taking away from their historical quality.
 Building #2
 Building #2
View of road that leads up to the historical buildings.
 Greenfield Education Center already exists at Greenfield.
A third historical building near the entrance to Greenfield, but not one being considered to be re-located at this time.

Map of area in question at Greenfield
The above ariel shot shows where the kitchen quarters building and the slave dwelling now sit at Greenfield, as well as the main house site, a house that no longer exists, where Colonel William Preston and his family once lived prior to moving to Smithfield near Blacksburg, VA.

As you can see, there are numerous OTHER locations at Greenfield where a shell building COULD be constructed as I have shown with white arrows.  The Red X indicates where the county wants to get rid of two historical buildings, most likely scrape off the top of the hill that they sit on.

If any of you readers are from our area, or plan to visit our area, please visit Greenfield, walk the area paths, and see the history of this beautiful location in Botetourt County, Virginia, before the powers that be choose to rape it.
If history is important to you and you want to see it saved, please contact Botetourt County leaders and let them know.

Also, please visit local blogger and writer, Anita Firebaugh's blog for further information regarding the county's plans to move these historical buildings.


  1. Thanks for joining in the fight, Di.

  2. Oh my I hope they leave #1 and #2 . . . as they are . . .
    Such views, history . . .

  3. I hope history will be preserved...beautiful countryside...

  4. If a property or structure is deemed historical and is on the national landmark register, it is unlawful for the public to even dig a small hole on the property. How can the county government get away with moving whole structures off of a site that is recognized as a historical national landmark?