Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our Easy Peasy Christmas Tree

 For quite a few years now we have opted out of purchasing a Christmas tree.
 Every November or early December we discuss having a real Christmas tree, and by 'real' I don't mean a live tree, but rather a 'life sized' tree.
 One where you actually put it up, decorate it, and then take it down each year.
 And then we decide it's just more work than we want to put forth.
And more money than we wish to spend considering tree cost, lights cost, ornaments cost, tree topper, tree skirt.
I mean, have you priced what it would cost to start from scratch on a tree?
So my husband goes to our basement storage area and brings up the little monkey decorated tree that is only three feet tall.
When Christmas is over. you simply pick it up from the top with one hand and carry it back to the basement.
It gives us the mood of Christmas with it's cheery little red chili lights, and there is one monkey on the tree to represent each grandchild.
 And THAT my friends is how you do a Christmas tree the easy peasy lazy way.
No muss.
No fuss.


  1. You got that right! Doesn't get any easier than that. If I had someplace to put mine, I'd do the same thing. Love the sock monkeys!

  2. My parents did the same thing. We had a pre lit, pre decorated tree that was 7 ft tall. My dad would haul it up from the basement every year, all we had to do was plug it in. Talk about easy, lol. Your money tree is adorable and no stress involved.

  3. That's my kinda tree! Love the sock monkeys...