Thursday, December 17, 2015

Boxed Christmas Gift Sets

 Each year in like FOREVER, I have taken note of the fact that in the last week prior to Christmas that all of the ads, whether in newspaper ads or online ads, that the push trends towards what men can buy for their wives or girlfriends.
Have you noticed it too?
 Suddenly all ads are for boxed scarf and mitten sets, boxed perfume and lotion sets, cheap boxed Christmas lapel pins, and for men it's slippers and flannel shirts.... not in boxed sets though.
 I like to think that my husband buys a gift for me prior to this particular week in the christmas shopping season, because I would be sorely disappointed (self absorbed much?) if I opened my gift on Christmas Eve and discovered a boxed department store set of ANYthiNG!
Seriously.... I detest boxed sets.
 I don't know which method of purchasing a gift for me works best for my husband.
Usually he asks me what I want, I send him URL links of which he chooses from, and he's done with his shopping.
This year though... he asked me what I want and I didn't respond, although I did call him from a jewelry store one day and mentioned that I just might like a particular VERY EXPENSIVE item they had in one of the jewelry showcases... of which he said it was too expensive and turned me down flat.
So, this year I have no clue what I will be getting... just hope it's not a stinking boxed set of anything!
He, on the other hand, is a reader and makes my life easy.
He has so many books, many are Steven King novels.... and many of them are paperbacks.
SO, he only asks that I buy him hard copies of some of those books, and he donates his paperbacks.

SO, if you are looking for an easy gift to get someone... take note of what is on their bookcase shelves in paperback form and go buy them the hard copy of it.

Just don't get them a stinking boxed set of anything.
It's just tacky.

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