Thursday, December 17, 2015

Country Bumpkin

 Just a bit of yard play with the old rag tag rope that they love.

 But they won't be romping outdoors like this today since it's raining, and the forecast is for 1-2 inches,

 which is why I chose to go to town yesterday for groceries...
Thursday is generally the day I set aside to shop, but we knew lots of rain was on the way today.
We country bumpkins who live in the country tend to plan around the weather.
 *watching for deer.....or anything that moves*
It's just what they do.
"But not today", said the country bumpkin.


  1. Dogs at happy..We may get just a half inch of that rain..enough to be annoying but not enough to be beneficial..Enjoy

  2. Nothing like watching the furbabies have a good time! Yup, when you live in the country, you have to plan your shopping trips. We used to live about fifteen miles from any decent shopping.