Monday, November 16, 2015

Green And Pink

Everything's coming up roses.... or rather green.
After having the layout/terrain of the backyard changed last month with loads of dirt hauled in, you  may recall that we then planted grass seed for next spring, and also rye grass seed for the winter.
Then we had rain, and green was exploding over the backyard from beneath the straw we had used to cover the seed to keep birds out.
We did have a few turkeys come grazing through the backyard trying to steal what seeds they could.. fill their pockets with it and then move on.
BUT, you can see that they didn't take much since there is now green everywhere!
 The asparagus, which we only put into the garden this year is also a wee bit green.
It's a blinding green, so I kept my sunglasses on.  They are prescription shades because I'm blind as a bat.  
 A while back you may recall that I bought a pink...very hot pink... vest at Steinmart, and it's been seeing some use on cool fall mornings with a bit of layering.  I'm in deep like with the BOLD color!
My jeans are the INC brand from Macy's.  It's one of their 'store brands', a brand that I enjoy wearing.  The brand is well made and not over-priced as so many are.
 I have had the plaid shirt for at least two years, and it's made by Lauren if I recall,
 and the scarf has been in my closet for a few years also, a gift purchased by my husband on a short trip a few years ago to the Short Pump Town Center, a mall in Richmond, Virginia.
 The hat is my staple hat that sees daily wear atop my head, it's leather and foldable, so I can take it with if I choose to pack it in a suitcase on a trip.
 Speaking of trips, we have none planned since my husband is tired of traveling this year.  I do however, need to go touch up my lipstick (by Mac) so I can plant a big red smackaroo on his cheek when he arrives home from his client's office later today.  Their matte lipsticks are da bomb!

Joining up with Not Dead Yet Style today.
Go pay all of the participants a visit!

Hope you have enjoyed the Green and Pink today.


  1. Love this outdoors look and that fantastic hat! Agree on MAC lipsticks too, the best. xo


  2. Great outfit! I'm a new reader and enjoying your blog.

  3. your skin looks so nice. would you mind sharing your skin care routine with us

  4. The backyard is looking great! Loved your "hot pink" fashion post! Fun!!!