Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Skin Care

 It was requested in a comment left on my previous post that I share my skin care routine.
Well... I guess it's a routine, even though there's really not much to it.
 The first thing I'll tell you is that I wear a hat.
I nearly always wear a hat, and not only does it keep the harmful rays of the sun off the top of my head where my hair is thinning, but the nice wide brim keeps it off my face as well, where sun can cause you to wrinkle prematurely.
We lived in Arizona for years; suntanning was a regular activity for me, but once we moved to Virginia in 2007 I started taking a bit more serious attitude about skin damage prevention.  Guess I wisened up with age.
I didn't and don't use any SPF creams, I just wear a hat and so far it's working for me in fighting off wrinkles and sun damage. For those of you who do use a good SPF cream or make-up.... DON'T STOP!
Wearing sunglasses helps also.
It won't fight off all of the wrinkles on the forehead and the squint lines between the brows, but it does help a bit so that any you may already have won't deepen so quickly.  
Squinting = not good
Get a really good pair from your eye doctor with prescription if necessary.  I have had these frames for at least five or six years and have the prescription updated every couple of years.  If you can't afford the price of prescription sunglasses, a good pair of clip ons for your glasses works just as well and is the route I took for a long time.
 This photo was taken a couple of years ago and there's that hat....
Buy a great looking hat that makes you feel good when you wear it.
You won't regret keeping that sun at bay.
Mine is the Minnetonka Fold Up Hat and you can find it on the internet in numerous places.
Okay.. let's get down to the beauty/skin care routine.
I start and end each day the same by washing my face with a nice warm, wet wash cloth with a bit of Lever 2000 soap.  Good old bar soap.  We, my husband and I, both use this soap in the shower and at the sink when we wash our faces.
I wash my face well just before going to bed, AND when I rise in the morning.

After I wash my face, I apply Olay Regenerist  Night Recovery Creme.  Yes!  It says Night Recovery Creme, but I wear it to bed as well as all day.
Wash with soap, apply Olay Regenerist.
I have used for more years than I can even count.
(one jar lasts a long time)
After showering and washing my face in the morning I apply my daily face.

To smooth out any blotching I use Cover Girl Smoothers All Day Hydrating Make-up in Medium Light Color 735.  I have used this same product for probably ten years and will just have to kill myself if they ever stop selling it.  (you know I am kidding about the 'killing', right?)

I rarely wear any eyeshadow, but when I do, it's always from this trio made by Cover Girl sold at Wal-Mart and Target or CVS.  I don't buy expensive brands and they are always neutral colors.

Since I am generally sheltered from direct sunlight on my face, I lack color in my cheeks, so I do use a lot of blush... probably too much when it comes to most people's standards, but I've done it for as long as I have been wearing make-up, (when Dad caught me sneaking out the door for school) and pink blush makes me feel good.

As some of you may already have read on previous blog posts here, I adore Mac matte lipsticks, and I sometimes use one of their glosses to give that color some shine, but for the most part I like the matte look.
If you live somewhere near a store that has a Mac counter.... GO...play with the lip colors and find one that speaks to you.  The girls that work at our local Mac counter in Macy's store are so much fun! If yo have thin lips, they can offer you some ideas on lip liners.
I enjoy bright colors on my lips and wear them daily, even if I am staying at home.
It's just such a girly thing to do.

This color looks good on everyone in my opinion...but they do have other shades of red as well.

I hope this post thoroughly covers my skin care and beauty routine, and I guess the three most important things that I would suggest you can do for your skin are:

1. Clean your skin
2. Moisturize your skin

Find a routine that works for you and won't take too much time out of your day.


  1. thank you :) much appreciated. your skin is amaing

  2. Great post, great ideas . . .,
    And they work . . . you look wonderful!

  3. I am a simple girl, too. I have a simple routine and believe in the power of the hat!