Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Smooth Day

 This past summer I was drinking a lot of smoothies, creamy, delicious and wonderful smoothies, as a way to get more fresh, natural foods into my daily diet.
 Once the summer garden was gone, I lost interest in eating fresh.  The weather changed, days became shorter, and darker, and I gave in to eating things that made me feel good, and all warm and toasty on the inside.
I think a lot of us that live in colder areas of this wonderful country of ours do the same, it's sort of an animal instinct to pack on pounds when winter is nigh.
one of our daughters and her husband are big into making a lot of fresh food smoothies.  Our grandsons are served smoothies almost daily with fresh spinach, berries, kale, carrots, bananas, lot of fresh fruit, and they have not been sick in oh gosh... one or two years.
Serious here.
How many children get sick at school constantly?
Colds, flu, sneezing, a general malaise, due to other children around them being sick so much.
Not these two guys!
Their parents contribute the family's good health to eating so many whole foods.
 My husband was in Arizona recently and our daughter sent him home with a package of Juice Plus Complete in their French Vanilla flavor.  It's a whole food based shake mix, and I tried it for my lunch today, by mixing a scoop of it with a whole banana, a large handful of some of the wild raspberries that we picked this summer and froze, a thumb size of fresh ginger, 8 oz of almond milk and a couple ounces of water and WOWZER, was it ever yummy.
If you're a lover of smoothies and enjoy knowing that you are putting healthy nutrients into your body, give this product a try.

The natural ingredients are far too many to list here, so if interested, visit the Juice Plus website.

Disclosure: Our daughter and her husband sell Juice Plus products, including the Tower Garden.  


  1. I'll definitely check into this. I bought one of those Nutribullets online about two months ago. But I hated to think I had to buy all that fresh produce and fruit.So it's never even been turned on. I don't mind just a few like you added. Going to check it out.

  2. Both of my daughters love to make smoothies - I'll have to share this with them.

  3. Sounds good . . .
    I need to get back to my smoothies . . .
    This inspires me . . .

  4. I have a smoothie 3-4 times a week..mostly fruit. oatmeal and spinach..I much prefer the dish in your previous post..:)