Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Office Re-Style Nearly Done

Way back HERE IN AUGUST, I started re-doing my office on a budget, with the only new piece of furniture being an office chair for my desk.
Well, I was tired of waiting for my husband to have the time to hang some framed pieces on my walls, so today I took that matter into my own hands.
hammer hammer hammer... oh if I had a hammer... and I DID!
I hung all but the three large pieces which HE has to be the one to do those, since I am a wimp at handling large objects.
I did as best I could today, and took photos, BUT, there may be more once the three large items are hung.
I did manage to hang this small shelf with a few 'fun' pieces on it,
since it's my feeling that a home office should have a wee bit of humor in it, whimsy so to speak.
So, here's the peek and will get a post done with all of the other bazillion photos ASAP for you to see.



  1. I like a bit of whimsey too . . .
    I like your shelf and the group of framed pictures . . .
    Look forward to seeing more pics . . .

    1. Life needs whimsy. It keeps me giggling... xo

  2. There ya go! I took matters into my own hands hanging pictures today too.

    Did you see Love and Mercy? I just rented it last week. It was so strange but I guess that was the whole point. It was hard to tell if Brian Wilson was in some altered state for more years or mentally ill. He's a genius for sure!! I love the Beach Boys. :)

  3. Hi Stacey. Nope... Have not seen Love and Mercy yet, but we never do watch a movie until it comes onto Netflix. Would love to watch it since I have always been curious about Brian Wilson! xo

  4. I swear I left a comment here last night! What happened to it?
    My office is also in a spare that you are surrounded by stuff that you love!
    Hope this comment makes it!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Linda :o)