Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Christmas Project

 This was fun!
I was, as usual, snooping around our local Pier 1 store and they had the sweetest white lantern/box with a small string of lights inside and a few other Christmas type bobbles.
 I recalled that I had a couple of snowmen figurines and old ornaments that I no longer use, so I knew I could put them in this lantern box and have a fun display.
 I purchased the box, a 5 ft. strand of amber colored lights, and scurried on home to find my ornaments in the basement and put it all together which was so easy,
 other than locating my husband's hiding spot for all of the batteries he keeps on hand.
once I found them, *three AAA batteries,
 it was as easy as 1,2,3.
 Open box,
set items inside *whatever your heart desires*
 close door to box and turn on the lights.
 no glue,
No cutting, pasting,  
just 1,2,3 and it's done!
I didn't have any turkeys, or fall items to use this for Thanksgiving,
but that doesn't mean that you can't.
next Easter I have some sweet sparkly eggs and perhaps a bunny that will fit nicely inside.
*they also had green, blue, red, white*
remote sold separately
or add what you already have to keep the cost down.
Have fun!

Would also look great with just a candle and or some bottle brush trees


  1. What a super cute idea!! That's funny, I had Christmas on my mind today....first holiday season in my new house, I'm super excited. Thanks for sharing this!! You've got the inspirational juices flowing now....

  2. I have a large black lantern box . . . I think I will do some creating . . .
    Thanks for the idea!