Wednesday, October 28, 2015

News From The Garage

 A rainy week.... yes a WEEK filled with rain, is what we are having. It rained all day Tuesday, all night last night, and it continues today with more in the forecast.
Thank you remnants of Hurricane Patricia.
I scurried to town yesterday, eyeballed a few items in a small ladies store, said "no thanks' to what they offered the customers in the way of fashion and accessories, picked up some chicken and potato salad at the grocery store and returned home.
Then I snapped these photos from the garage before I put the door down and came inside.

This photo of our sweet Rowdy on the wall was taken Monday when there was no rain, just gloomy skies.
It will be a total case of cabin fever for me before sunshine rolls around our way again, and if it continues to rain, who knows.... we may need a boat!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. If you start rowing . . .swing your way upward and pick me up!
    Three rainy days may have me floating!

  2. Hi Pepper, I saw your comment on At A Women's Room and just knew I wanted to be your friend! Sure enough, we have more than our philosophy about 'beauty' in common. I too am in my 60's, live in the country after 60 years in NY, and love dogs :)

    It looks like fall is in full swing in Virginia, and it's just about waning here in Massachusetts. It rained here yesterday, but it was most welcome as it hadn't rained in over a month.

    (Stop by Women's Room tomorrow to see my top 12 pet peeves.)