Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tiny Pies

 A few years ago I purchased a few cupcakes in Roanoke at a company that makes only cupcakes.
There was another cupcake company in town that I also did a taste test of their product, and although I love cupcakes, I was not impressed by their lack of moistness, or the icings.
 But, one of those companies started a second business called Piety, and guess what they make?
Pies only.
Little cute, sweet, tasty pies.
 I purchased their blueberry cheesecake pie, and although it had great flavor, the cheesecake was simply not cakey and firm, but rather too soft and pudding-ish imho.
 BUT, I also purchased a small apple Piety pie and it ranked right up there with the taste of apple pie that I recall from my childhood.
I'll be frequenting Piety again at some time and trying other flavors of their pies and will let you know what I think of them.
We all have different taste buds and enjoy different flavors and textures, and I am recommending Piety pies located at 2073 Colonial Ave. SW in the Tower Mall in Roanoke, Virginia.
 Piety also has a Facebook page if you are interested in following along as they post photos of some of their lovely little pies,
If you are a lover of pie and trying new flavors, or taking home a different pie for each family member, then give Piety a try.
Make everyone in the family happy!


  1. I wish I could shove that thing right in my mouth LOL

    Your new driveway looks great!


  2. My mouth is watering. What a treat!

    Jane x

  3. I will have one right now . . . please!