Sunday, August 16, 2015

When You Love It....You Love It

So yes... this Tom Ford handbag has been around a few years now, and the fashion bloggers were on fire as everyone blogged about it and hoped that someday she would have one.  Me included, but at nearly $3,000 you can bet that I was dreaming. salivating, fawning over this bag, even though I knew she would nevah, evah, evah be mine.
End of you, Tom Ford handbag.

And yet still, today, when I saw this Michael Kors bag, very similar to the Tom Ford bag, on sale at Macy's, I could not bring myself to pay the price.... it was $298 and 20% off, but I balked, even though it was so similar to Tom's bag.  I hemmed and hawed and hemmed again but could not bring myself to crank up the balance of our Visa bill.

And then.... there it was!  Just before I left the store I took one more look and came across the Fossil version of the bag priced at $198 with 20% off.
I love black leather handbags, they seem to be a weakness with me, and although I have purchased other bags over the past year or two, I always come back to a black leather handbag.
They're generally a soft leather and quite utilitarian in both look and purpose.
They get the job done.
They simply feel right to me.
Black with gold zippers always go with any outfit.
This will be my go-to handbag for some time now and I can't tell you how happy I am about this purchase.
All other handbags in my closet will take a back seat to this baby.
In fact, I may even sell one or two of my other bags.
Mama's closet is over-flowing and fall is in the air which means there will be new temptations in all the stores.... I can hardly wait to see the cold weather picks this year.


  1. Very nice . . . great find!
    I have a small yellow Coach clutch I have been using instead of a shoulder bag . . .
    It has been a treat to carry less of a load. . . .

  2. I am a big fan of Fossil..They look great and last forever..