Monday, August 17, 2015

Not Just For Pretty Sake

Do you REALLY use your kitchen or is it merely for 'pretty sake'?
 I wonder at times how many bloggers who post photos of their pretty kitchen are truly putting that room in their home to use, or if they are so busy with blogging that they just order out all the time.
 Just so you know.... our kitchen sees a lot of use, and rule of thumb when I photograph it is to have everything put away, but most days there are things lying about on the countertops, like a grocery list which we add to constantly.  If we put it away we would not remember to add items to the list.
There are many times dishes drying on the counter.
Yes, we have a dishwasher, and a mighty fine one at that, but sometimes it just seems quicker to wash a few items by hand and let them drip dry.

In the summertime, like right now, when veggies are picked from the garden their first stop is the kitchen sink for a quick washing and then they seem to sit a while until we make a decision as to what to do with them.
Refrigerate, Can, Give Away?
So, yes.... our kitchen is not just for 'pretty sake'.
It gets used heavily each and every day of the year.
Isn't that what kitchens are for?


  1. Our kitchen has every pot, pan, ingredient, utensil OUT ready and right in plain view. Not a pretty sight . . . will only take AFTER pics . . . Maybe I will take one MESS photo just for you Diane . . .

  2. Oh !! That's what they're for!! I always wondered..Thanks for filling me in...I rarely cook so mine looks pretty good most of the time..I usually have the same dishes in one side of the sink every day..They move to the other side in the evening when they get washed..I put them away before I go to bed..DOn't know why because it all just starts over again the next morning..

  3. My kitchen is like yours - especially after the kids have been cooking!

  4. We use our kitchen like crazy because we love homemade food. I adore that you showed these pics!!

  5. Well, I think you know my answer ;)