Monday, June 1, 2015

A Heavy Sigh

 Life got you down?
I can happily say that that is a rarity in my life.
Life is not perfect, but most days it really is as though I am living with a rainbow over my head.
Lucky you say?
Not really, although choosing the right husband the second time around accounts for much of my good fortune, and I don't feel guilty about being happy considering that I was single for nearly twenty years between husbands.
Those single years were lean years, times of struggle without many rainbows.

You will think this sounds vain of me, but I see myself as smart... wily smart, not so much straight A achievement kind of smart, but a good choice maker in life kind of smart.  My husband says he thinks that I struggle with decision making, but that's only because I mostly allow him to lead the way, and it's not a man-woman kind of thing... me woman, you man, so YOU make the decision, it's really a case of my knowing that he makes VERY good decisions, and most of the time I agree with him, so I just sit back and let him go for it.

 So, last year he had all of this stonework done around the yard.... this wall was added around a planted bed area,
We talked about this together and were in agreement as to what work we wanted to have done.

 and he had the stone layer re-do our flagstone walkway so that it was now all level and no longer a tripping hazard, 

 and a nice wide, deep step was built up to the front porch so we no longer had to jump from the porch down onto the sidewalk.

 and at the back of the house a small patio was laid in flagstone to alight onto when coming down from the steps of the deck.
*this part of the plan was TOTALLY MY IDEA*

Now, back to the decision making; my husband is having the stone layer come in a couple of weeks to fix a few bricks that the basement walkout door sits atop, and also add more stone walls along the driveway as well as two stone columns at the entrance to our drive.  I'm not overly in favor of this idea, but the decision has been made by him.
There are instances when he just wants what he wants, and my opinion won't sway him,
It's not that I have bad decision making skills... it's simply that sometimes it's not worth an argument.
I mean is it really worth yanking on that rainbow?

*heavy sigh*


  1. Sometimes you have to let them do what they want to do.

  2. I always picked my battles..I had to really care about the issue..He usually won so the fight was long and hard...Fortunately there weren't too many of those..

  3. Awww.... poor baby. My dogs are always stealing each other's toys. For some reason I can buy two of the same thing, but they always know which one is which.

    The stone looks great! I know what you mean about choosing your battles though ;)


  4. I like that feeling of letting go to someone else's decision . . . (sometimes)
    I love your walkways and paver borders . . . You have a lovely home and landscaped grounds . . .