Monday, June 1, 2015

In The Long Term

 We have a plan for our backyard, once we get dirt brought in to lessen the steep incline and make certain spaces more accessible to our aging knees.
It can be difficult climbing up the hill from the garden area to the seating area at the back of our home, but we intend to fix that.

 Do you have a long term yard plan?
Perhaps you want to add an area of clover to attract butterflies, or certain flowering bushes to attract hummingbirds and bees.
These additions to a yard not only make the yard a better experience for you, but also to the creatures in nature.

 The above photo is one sent to me by a friend who lives in the country, they have a pool and nearby a pergola that flowers in gorgeous purple wisteria each year.  I envy her pergola!

 *image from Pinterest*

This photo from Pinterest is similar to what her pergola looks like when the wisteria is not in bloom, it's completely shaded and a great place for sitting with friends, or on an evening with your husband.
Alone and lovely place to be.  A hideaway of sorts.
Love love love this pergola!
 *image from Pinterest*

Here is another pergola with wisteria... and by the way, wisteria is a fast grower, so one could attain this look in their yard within a couple of years.
This is similar to what I want, a stone surface with posts, but I want the top of the pergola a bit lower for a cozier seating experience.

Do you have a plan for your yard?


  1. Oh my goodness - so gorgeous!

  2. Love the pergola and Wisteria . . .
    I am always planning, visualizing looks and changes . . .
    Our big plan is the removal of a huge Norway Spruce next to the front side corner of the house. It towers over the house, way too big . . . It has been a huge decision. Then we will reline the brick edging and extend our Ivy and packazandra areas.