Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Taking Care Over Sixty

 I guess as I've aged I've taken my health more seriously, and am taking daily care and precautions, preventive actions, to keep myself going a few more decades.

 I am finally taking Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Magnesium, B-12 and Glucosamine every morning after having a breakfast or on some days a brunch, some of these at the suggestion of my doctor, and others because I've read what they can do for you.
Did you know that taking Fish Oil can help to lower cholesterol?  You can take up to four a day, and if you are currently on cholesterol medications and want to get off of them, then this is one step in getting started.
Vitamin D.... well, let's face it, none of us get enough of it, so my doctor started me on them, and I also, on my own, began taking Magnesium, because it helps in a HUGE way to help the body absorb the Vitamin D more readily.  
B-12?  My doctor also started me on this vitamin.  Here is what the Nature Made vitamins website has to say about it.
Great for red blood cell formation and for those of us over age 50, well... we can use all the help we can get.

Get an annual physical and your physician will at that time draw blood and let you know what YOU need.

 Floss at least once a day, and twice a day is even better.
Not only is this needed for healthy gums, but it's also good at keeping your heart healthy.
Who wants all that nasty stuff getting inside bleeding gums and into your blood system and heart!

 Since I have deep pockets around my teeth due to some years of not seeing the dentist,
I have been using this heavy threaded floss.  It was made by Johnson and Johnson, and is very necessary for me to do a good job of flossing in those deep areas around my teeth.  Unfortunately, they have decided not to make it anymore, but I did find a place that had some left and ordered it in bulk online.
I will be looking for an alternative brand in the months ahead when my supply runs low.
It will make you healthier and your dentist happier.

 Speaking of me and my big mouth,
I have sensitivity and my dentist sells me this wonderful toothpaste.
It's expensive, but I use a little of this along with a little of a whitening toothpaste, and between the two of them my teeth shine!

 Life can be the pits... 
I have used Mitchum Smart Solid fragrance free for years, but lately it is also becoming difficult to buy locally.
They seem to be replacing it with Mitchum Oxygen.  Tried it.... gave me scabs under my arms!  Seriously.
It's such a person thing, and we all seem to find what works best for us.
I ended up ordering this online in bulk as well.

Wear it.

So, bottom line is,
if YOU are over sixty,  start taking better care of yourself.
Stop monkeying around and saying
"I wish I had", or "I'll start tomorrow".  

See ya around, hopefully for another twenty years!

*all photos are owned by Diane Cayton-Hakey*
*no company has paid me to mention their product*


  1. Not over 60 yet, but I will be there before I know it. Can't get into supplements, though I know that I should. Flossing is a good thing. My periodontist recommended something called Super Floss. It's floss with a threader end on it, and a thicker, fuzzy part for cleaning between teeth and underneath bridgework.

  2. Lots of good suggestions. I like those pre-threaded flossers. I floss much more if I have those on hand. Getting older sure does require a lot more maintenance. It's a big job just to keep up with all the annual tests.