Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Good Lovin'

Oh ya... it's Tuesday and it's the day I check out new music.  Sometimes I make purchased of music that's been around a while, other times it's something brand spanking new I have never heard before.  Music that makes me feel good or ditties I can use in some of my videos.  Here are the tunes I bought today.  Go buy what suits you and makes YOU feel good.

Sugar by Maroon5.
I have ALWAYS loved these guys.

Pieces by Tanlines
Here you go.
It would not let me embed video on my blog.


I have never been much of a Bob Dylan fan, but this caught my fancy just the same.
You can hear an excerpt from it here, or an even better excerpt on iTunes of his song
"Why Try To Change Me Now"

The song was once done by Frank Sinatra as well, so it's definitely an oldie.

Go find you favorite new music today!


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