Tuesday, May 19, 2015

If It Ain't Got That Zing

 I made my wonderful turkey burgers again a few days ago... nine patties of delicious ground turkey breast mixed with an egg, some chopped onion, diced green apple (only because I didn't have any red ones) and of course something hot, a Santa Fe chili pepper chopped up into leetle teeensy weeensy pieces. (seeds too!) Gotta have some zing with turkey or it can be boring.

 It looks all gross and unappetizing until done, and then they are golden and OH so good!
My husband doesn't like them, but he probably would if I left the fruit out, but as I said.. turkey CAN be boring in my opinion, so I dress it up a bit, and each time I make them I dress them a bit differently than the time before...

They disappeared rather quickly.
Tomorrow I'll be pulling some shredded turkey from the freezer and seeing what I can whip up with it.

It's Tuesday!!  YAY

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