Thursday, April 23, 2015

Go Ahead, Mock Me

 I think the one thing I may miss the most about our previous house is not the house itself, but the blooming trees and bushes on the property.

 It's been two years and still I hold memories of the very mature and extremely gorgeous blossoms of the mock orange bushes.
Last year we planted two here at our new home. 
This is the one at the back of the house and I swear it has grown two feet taller since we planted it last summer.

 Gravity will be pulling it's branches downwards once the white blossoms are in full in the weeks ahead, so yesterday we purchased trellis materials at our local Lowes store to give this mock orange bush the support it's branches will require.
My husband will be trellising all of this open area which means I can plant another climbing bush if I choose.  I'll show photos of this completed project as soon as my husband decides to expend the time.
Tomorrow he is having an implant done for a tooth that needs to come out,
but I know he's anxious to have another project to do soon.
Stay tuned!

The photos below are of the mock orange at our previous home.
It's rather obvious as to why I miss them, don't you think?


  1. I've always loved mock orange. Not only beautiful, but so fragrant!

  2. Oh gosh - they are lovely when in bloom!

  3. Your Mock Orange was the BEST . . .