Saturday, April 25, 2015

Springtime Wear

 The deck is shouting springtime with the flowers in the planters, and the Adirondack chairs in place to enjoy a 'sit for a spell' evening,

 but it's still too cold for this old girl.
*my comfort zone 70-75 degrees F, no more, no less*

 The sunshine may look appealing, and it is where my mood is concerned, but indoors it's too warm to have the heat and fireplace on, yet too cold for my comfort.

 So I tend to wear a light jacket around, even when indoors.

The husband and the fur babies are loving being outdoors, but I view the green from behind these glass windows.
Oh, I do go out from time to time, just for the Vitamin D and some light  doses of melatonin.
I hear it's the healthy thing to do, but it's hard on me old bones.
I own so many coats and jackets.... might be time for another one to add to the comfort arsenal.
I'm thinking I may need to rock this one!

*image via Betabrand*
Okay, so in all honesty, I DO LOVE this jacket, and if I were doing walking or bicycling after dark I would seriously consider the purchase.

*image via Loft*
But instead I went with this VERY lightweight chambray
which was 60% off.  I think I paid less than $25 for it, but the sale is on now
so if anyone out there is interested, here's your chance for a huge savings.

This jacket is really like wearing a lightweight shirt over a lightweight shirt,
so a deep warmth should not be what you are after if you make this purchase.
It's definitely for spring or a cool summer day.

It's raining lightly as I type this so I'll be wearing this jacket indoors today.


  1. Amazing this weather thingy . . . Yesterday was sunny here and I worked outdoors all day long.
    15,135 steps on my pedometer made for a very good day.
    I was ready to get out and attack more clean up today, but no sun and 40 degrees just doesn't turn me on.
    I will have to push myself out the door though in just a bit.
    So I "get you!" Yay for 70-75, no humidity!
    The bright, metallic jacket WOULD BE great for night walking but the blue chambray would be more me.
    Enjoy . . . whether inside or outside . . . Great sale buy too!