Thursday, April 23, 2015

Not As Smart As She Thinks She Is

 Yes, some of the garden has been planted, and now the posies are in the pots.

 We completed our spring task of added color to both the front steps of the house as well as the flagstone patio area at the back of the house just in time for a spring storm to roll through.

 The temperature dropped as the wind blew in dark clouds which then dropped a small amount of rain, but we fooled Mother Nature since we had already planted and cleaned up the spilled dirt
and headed indoors.

 She's planning a few games for us tonite as well, when temperatures will drop down to nearly freezing once again.

We have sheets ready to toss over the garden AND these pots if necessary.
Mother Nature.... she thinks she's so darn smart.

1 comment :

  1. My motto . . . never throw away old sheets . . .
    the'll come in handy in springtime fickle weather!