Monday, November 13, 2017

An Army Of Lipstick

 Our eldest granddaughter, in preparation for the annual winter prom at her school, was putting on her make-up.
The hair, make-up, wearing the perfect dress, having lunch and the fun of taking photos with friends is just as important and fun as the prom dance itself.

 So, while the girls were applying their make-up, I shot out a photo of her grandmother's Mac lipstick collection from the past few years.
It's a fun collection of reds and pinks that appeal to  my skin tone and gives me the option of a different color nearly every day of the month if I were to so choose..... I do however, have my favorites that get worn more than others.
My husband refers to these as my "army of red lipsticks",  but I reminded him that most of them are quite pink.

 Granddaughter and friends all looked so grown up, considering that they are not yet 16, and each girl showed her flavor of uniqueness in style.  
Their lipstick colors of choice appear to be quite neutral, which is completely appropriate for their age.
These girls have stuck together throughout grade school, junior high, and are now supporting one another in high school.
They are smart too, making smart choices for themselves, guided by parents who are focused on their children's best interest.
These are the faces of the future of our country,
and you should all feel very grateful for the way they are being brought up in a small town in the middle of the USA.
 These are the colors I have chosen for my collection of daily lip wear.

Back row left to right by color and formula:

Girl About Town/Amplified
Men Love a Mystery/Matte
All Fired Up/Retro Matte

Second from back row left to right:

Steady Going/Retro Matte
Pressed & Ready/Lustre

Third from back row:

Mac Red/Satin
Viva Glam II/Satin
Show Orchid/Amplified
Full Fuchsia/Amplified
Pickled Plum/Cremesheen (most recently added to collection)

Fourth from back row:
Ginger Rose/Liptensity
Brave/Satin (super neutral shade)
Breathing Fire/Matte (also most recently addition to my collection)
Pink Nouveau/Satin

The front lipstick that stands alone is Twig/Satin (not a good color for me)

Here is a stand along photo of my granddaughter.
She looks perfect, no matter the brand of lipstick she wears.
Love her to the moon and back!

If you have any questions about my experience with any of the Mac lipsticks, please....ask.

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  1. Your granddaughter is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, I think you have as many lipsticks as I do!! Do you find Mac doesn't bleed? I don't think I have any Mac....but if they don't bleed into the lines around your lips I'd definitely give them a try!