Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What September Brings

 Shorter days with darker mornings and earlier sunsets mean autumn is here for us, even though leaves on the trees are still green and the lawn still requires mowing.  So, here's what our house has been up to over the past few weeks.
 Cooler days generally  means heartier evening meals, so grilling a big pork chop with some bacon wrapped jalapenos and a few spears of broccoli on the side sets well with us as our evenings feel cooler and the body tends to scream for meals that stay in the stomach a bit longer.
Longer than s green salad that is!

 Cooler weather also means prepping the wooden items in the kitchen, and staining a new rolling pin.  The old one's handles finally succumbed to all of the dough rolling over the years.
 Hearty soups are another way of keeping your inner core warm when it's cooler outdoors.  This recipe was for a bean soup, but it actually tasted more like, and looked more like chili.  Whatever you want to call it.... it was yummy.
 We tend to enjoy the screened porch more so when it's a wee bit cooler, evenings when it no longer feels like summertime, which is to us is the ugliest time of year.  Give us a reason to toss on a sweatshirt or a lap blanket and we are in outdoor heaven.

 Homemade pizza anyone?
All that cheese was super delicious, but in all honesty.... I have to tell you that I paid the price for eating it.
But how could I say no to this!!

I think the neighbor's dog must enjoy pizza too, since she came and looked in our door while it was baking.
No No, Coco!  You need to go home.
The monkey grass is always a bloom in the early part of September, and this year is no different.
It lets us know that summer is coming to a quick end.
Now we wait for the changing of the leaves to red and gold.
Be still my autumn loving heart.
Be still.

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