Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Squish Squash

One of the best things in our garden each year is the acorn squash, and we had our first two ripened ones this past week.

 They were the perfect size for baking in the oven with a wee bit of butter and for me, a dash of brown sugar, just because that's how I roll.
 I think that August really has the best spoils that a garden has to offer.
The lettuce and radishes and summer squash, as well as cucumbers of June and July are always superb after a year of waiting for fresh produce grown in our very own backyard, but August??  Oh, it's really so much more delicious than the early summer veggies.
 We had pork chops on the grill the previous night, so pairing leftover chops with acorn squash?  YUM!!
What's ripened in your garden so far this month?  Is it providing you with fresh, tasty meals?

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  1. One word for this time of the year . . , lots of . . .