Friday, August 11, 2017

That First One

 Well, Ladies and Gentlemen,
you now stand here and see before your very eyes the first tomato of the 2017 gardening season, right before your very eyes.
At least the first from OUR garden.
Did I mention that it's right before your very eyes?
Yes... your very eyes.
How magnificent.
 This is a Black Krim tomato, and let me tell ya.... the thing is HUGE.
So huge in fact that it nearly split in two.

 He carefully plucked it from it's vine,
sliced it up ever so neatly
stirred it into a cucumber and onion salad
and savored it bit by bit by bit.

"So much better than those cardboard tasting pretend tomatoes from the grocery store".
he said.
Here's a toast to many more such juicy home grown tomatoes.


  1. I grew Black Krim last year. They're delicious!

  2. HUGE . . .
    Wish I liked tomatoes just a bit . . .
    But, not my favorite veg/fruit.

  3. I grew Black Krim last year. They're delicious!

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