Saturday, July 1, 2017

Summertime Fragrance

For a number of years I have enjoyed wearing CK One Unisex Eau de Toilette Spray fragrance.  My husband and I are both sensitive to fragrances, and when I catch a HUGE whiff of heavy perfume on a woman it sets my nostrils afire and sneezing or a headache ensues.  
Please don't wear so much fragrance, Ladies.
Be sensitive to those around you.

I have to hold my hand over my nose when I head down the detergent or soap aisles as I do my shopping, because...... well, most of you already know that it can be an intense overload and assault to the nose, and in fact it can and does make some people physically ill when they are subjected to perfumes of any kind.

Anyway.... back to the CK One.
This year I noticed that there is now a CK One Summer fragrance, also in a Eau de Toilette spray, and I was curious about it, so when I was in a department store yesterday, I spritzed a bit and decided it was a WIN for me and I made the purchase.
It's a bit sweeter than the CK One Unisex fragrance, but still, I liked it and decided that during the summer months I can get away with wearing it at a few outdoor gatherings and celebrations.

I wore it last night to an outdoor retirement celebration and no one near me coughed, covered their nose or made any comment about it bothering their senses.  I would have immediately have headed to the nearest bathroom and washed it off had it been a problem for anyone.

Make yourself happy, but ALWAYS be cognizant of people around you, by never wearing too much perfume.

1 comment :

  1. Thank you for the fragrance tip.
    I might give it a try.
    I usually only wear a body lotion in the Summer
    Being outdoors often, I keep fragrance at a minimum
    because of the creepy crawly, flying all over buggy things.
    Especially mosquitoes, I don't want to draw them near.
    I feel if a fragrance "slaps me in the face" it is way too much.
    If I get a slight whiff of a fragrance, enough to wonder what it is,
    it is a "keeper" for me. Just enough fragrance to be curious!
    Sounds like CK one Summer might work for me!