Thursday, June 29, 2017

Media In The Bedroom

 As promised, although a bit late, this is the media dresser we purchased a few days ago for the guest bedroom.
 We are pretty darned happy with our choice, and although we did not pay second hand furniture prices, it's a great piece that will last long after we are gone and the children inherit our home goods.
 This dresser, measures 54" wide, by 42" high, by 20" deep.  It is a bit higher than a dresser, but lower than a chest of drawers.  PERFECT! 

 The top right hand drawer has a flip down front and a hole in the rear of the drawer to pass any media type cords through., hence the name 'media' dresser.
 Our small Sony Bravia TV fits on it nicely with room to the side for some items to pretty up the bedroom, but this media dresser would easily accommodate a much larger sized flat screen television.
 I've read another blog where the writer posted photos of a pine dresser that looked like a pine dresser, but this one has more personality, color and texture to it and also round pine knobs that almost reminded me of a flower.

 A longer dresser could have fit on this same wall, but due to this being a somewhat small bedroom I simply did not want to take up any more floor space than necessary. 

 In a nut shell, this media dresser simply had all of the items on my check list, most of all being a heavy, quality made in America  piece of furniture.

 Next.... this little piece of junk, child size oak dresser is also on my chopping block of things in this house that need to go away.  Once I save a bit I hope to also purchase the night stand that matches the pine media dresser by Kincaid.
At least that's the plan as it stands now.
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  1. Looks like a great piece of furniture . . .
    and a very nice look.
    I like the made in America too . . .

  2. Looks good. Didn't even know they made a media dresser.

  3. I like it. The light color blends in with the soft decor in the room.