Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Buntings On The 4th Of July

 We awoke to a morning with high humidity which meant that David and the pups needed to go for their morning walk EARLY.  Once the sun is high in the sky the mumbling and grumblings begin, so I'm super glad when they are off and trotting down the road by 7AM.

 I hurried off to Wal-Mart since I had seen a couple of weeks ago that they had red, white and blue buntings which I wanted for our deck this year. 
 I had hoped to purchase at least four, but there were only two left on the shelves... which I snatched right up!  I'm not sure why I delayed in making this purchase when I saw them two weeks ago.  Live and learn I suppose you could say.  But two works, and perhaps next year they will have the same buntings.

 Once home, David hung them for me right away.  He's my good doo bee man.
Along with the small flags, the buntings add just the right amount of patriotism to the deck.

Later he used the leaf blower and cleaned the entire driveway... we have a tree that sheds and annoys him, and once it's all blown off the paving it just looks bee yoo tee ful.
Rowdy noticed I was at the bottom of the drive and came to say Hello.  He's a Mama's boy for sure.

 Now we are awaiting the rhubarb and raspberry crisp to come out of the oven. We used rhubarb from our garden and the wine berries, which are simply wild raspberries that also grow on our property. 
Can't wait to taste the crisp!!
It should be somewhat patriotic looking with all that red inside.
 We are keeping the 4th of July menu simple as pie this year.
Hot dogs on the grill in yummy buns with lots of mustard, relish and onions,
some deviled eggs,
homemade cabbage slaw,
and for dessert the rhubarb raspberry crisp.

Come on over and enjoy the view from the porch and deck
and the delicious summery food.

Happy 4th Of July!!

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  1. Looking beautiful . . . patriotic too!
    I like the buntings . . . might have to think about a purchase.
    Time for a new flag too, reds, blues, whites have lost their color punch.
    Hope "the crisp" was a winner!