Thursday, July 27, 2017

Another Perfect One

Although this month of July has been one of the most uncomfortable July I can recall in the ten years we have lived in Virginia, especially when you consider the fact that we live in the mountains, it has also been one of the best Julys I can recall for beautiful sunsets.  
Take a gander at these beauties taken at our home from the back porch, the driveway, and the front of the house.
Other than there being no ocean here, we really do have a lot of beauty surrounding us.

Most towns receive a local, what my father would have referred to as a "shit sheet", usually a four to six page paper with news of entertainment in the surrounding rural area, and our town is no different.  We have one put out by The Roanoke Times knows as the Extra Plus, and this week's edition had an article written by Liza Field that captured my interest, an article about the beauty of the nighttime hours when spent outdoors.
It touched on how magical and enchanting the outdoors can be, and how so many people spend those hours indoors cooled by air conditioning, and of how much beauty they miss by not spending time outdoors.
She spoke of slow, soft, red sunsets; the stars in the Milky Way, mostly visible only to those of us who live in rural areas unencumbered by the city lights that can wash their view away; and also nighttime hikes.  Just the thought, however, of running into a black bear or a snake doing it's nighttime hunting kind of creeps me out.... but for those a bit more adventurous than I, it's something they should attempt in a group that specializes in these events.

 These hot summer days keep me indoors, but at sunset I live a bit dangerously, knowing that I will perspire a bit, or have a chunk taken from my arm by the bite of a mosquito, or breathe in a nasty gnat zipping about, and I venture out and breathe in the beauty.
The end of the day brings on a sigh for me and it's sunsets ice the cake before I tuck myself into bed.

 nite nite
sleep tight
may your dreams be colorful and bright.

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  1. Gorgeous Diane . . .
    We often drive to the big lake to watch the sunsets . . .
    I like you would be attacked by the skeeters if I walked outdoors here at night to "sky watch!"
    Or a skunk would spray me, no doubt.

    Lovely nighttime skies . . . thanks for the treat!