Monday, June 26, 2017

Media Dresser

 My husband decided last week that having an eleven year old television in our family room as our main TV was not a good thing.  The Sony Bravia has been a SUPER great set, but now finds it's home in our basement as a secondary viewing area.
He purchased an LG brand TV... 55 inch for the family room.
The Sony Bravia, having been moved to the basement meant that the smaller TV in that area no longer had a home, so it is going in a secondary/guest bedroom on the main floor.  
We don't like mounting our TV's directly onto the wall, since having done that once, and then selling the house, left a gash on the wall in need of repair per the home buyer's request.  If you have odd texturing on your walls as some of our rooms do, then it can be difficult to find anyone who will repair it for you.
Long story short.... we now needed a piece of furniture to accommodate the set going in the bedroom.
 I did NOT want a media looking piece of furniture in that bedroom simply because I want it to look like a bedroom instead of a TV viewing room, and after setting a budget (which I blew all to hell by the way) I came across this really nice Pine Media Dresser at Grand Furniture made by the Kincade furniture company in North Carolina.
When you walk through a large furniture store a few times and you keep coming back to one piece, it's probably a given that you love it and that it will be the one you purchase..... AND I DID.

They did. by the way, have a sale going on, plus a military discount for veterans which I took advantage of.  Woot Woot.  An additional $300 off the sale price.
But PINE you ask?  But no one buys PINE these days.  Well, this photo does not do this piece of furniture justice and I'll take a photo to prove it when they deliver it tomorrow.
The first two photos on this post are more indicative of what it looks like, rather than this lighter colored photo.

The pine is perfect for the very small room it is going into, which is on the northwest corner of our home with only one window... it's a dark room, so using anything with a dark wood would not have been the way to go.  We are always working at trying to lighten up our home whenever we purchase anything new.... well, at least I AM!  

The bedroom currently has a small black painted dresser (very ugly I might add) and a child's sized oak dresser as a nightstand.  I hope to at some point purchase the nightstand that matches this media dresser to complete the lightening up process of this room.

I'm happy with  my choice.  A piece of furniture that is heavy and very well made, rather than something that feels like a piece of cardboard (pretend wood)  as so many furniture items do these days.  This is a dresser that is solid and will never fall apart and fills all of my 'needs' list when it comes to the bedroom where it will live.

So, laundry today, furniture delivery Tuesday, dog needs to go to vet for anal glands sometime this week (ick) , groceries one day, and a retirement dinner to attend on Thursday. 
What's on your weekly list of to-do's?


  1. Pine is out? Well, I'm screwed LOL! I think it's a beautiful piece of furniture, my friend :)


  2. Great choice for your "sprinkle life!"
    Looking forward to seeing Tuesday's pics . . .

  3. I love your new pine media dresser! We have several pieces of pine furniture and love them.