Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rainy Weather Fashion

 It's been raining for what feels like a month, but it's really only been a couple of days, followed by two days of sunshine and now nearly a week of rain, then clouds, and soon more rain to feed the garden and lawn.
We are in need of warm, sunny weather for the tomato plants, but whether or not that will happen remains to be seen.

I FINALLY, after at least a decade or better, outgrew the little white hooded raincoat I had, in fact it was no longer REALLY white, but rather faded into an off-white color.
The plan for this year was to buy a pretty bright yellow rain slicker, but living where we do, I couldn't find any that were readily available.  I have to say that I did get lucky when on one rainy day I walked into a store that had a few raincoats of good quality that were marked down from $63.00 to $37.00.
"SOLD", I said, and even though it was black rather than yellow, I couldn't pass up the great quality which hopefully will last me another ten years.

So, the coat was from Penelopes in Daleville, VA, the hat from TJ Maxx, and the sweet sleeveless seer sucker blouse in blue and white stripes with a tie in the front was a find at Steinmart.  The pretty turquoise necklace is from a ladies store in old downtown Roanoke called La De Da, and the jeans are old, from the back of my closet.
A girlfriend and I did lunch today, so the outfit kept me warm and dry in and out of the car and across the parking lot to the restaurant.
Sugar melts.  *hee hee*

 Here is our screened porch right now with all of the furniture jam packed into the center of the porch so that the current, constant rains don't soak all of the seat cushions.  The dog bed is also leaning in an upright position which means the puppers can't use it right now.  But if it is laid down it too gets wet.
As you can see by the patio shot above, it is wet enough for a fish out there!
So, here I am dressed for the weather rather than for the last week in May.  
That's Virginia for you.
A little sun, a little whole lotta rain, the good part being that moisture keeps the wrinkles away. *wink wink*


  1. I am so tired of the rain and cooler temperatures! I love the table you added to your porch and the dragonfly on the wall - Cute!

  2. We could use some of that rain . . .
    It spits a bit around here but we haven't
    had nice steady rainy days that feed the soil.
    Send the rain our way.
    Nice rain jacket, hat, striped top and necklace . . .
    i hope the rains let up and you can begin to enjoy that screened porch!