Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Educated By The Same Books

 I attended school in my home state of Iowa in a public school system that I was always proud to have been a part of, one that not only taught us how to do math, know and understand History and why events had happened as they did, English so that we knew how to read and write (the power of expression), Algebra, Economics, English Literature, Chemistry, Biology, Speech, Geometry, and all proved to be what we students needed to mold us into adults that could carry on in life and make good and sane decisions for the families we would one day have.
 So what is it, I ask myself, that let some of us, all who attended the same school with the same teachers and the same text books, to one day become not so logical and vote for a man named Trump?
Because it was absolutely not a logical choice to choose to elect a man who clearly has the mind of a fifth grader to lead our country?
What turned that 'logic switch' in the brains of some of those I spent my school years with to flip to the 'off' position?
 It's VERY clear to me as well as many others that he has no understanding of this world when it comes to History, American History or World History, and there is an abundance of evidence simply by watching videos of him or reading the scripts of interviews he has given, watching his body language on the campaign trail and since, that the man, although he went to college is clearly uneducated.

These are the words of a fifth grade boy experimenting with his vocabulary and attempting to get a response from his peers in hopes of impressing them and fitting in.
It would appear that somewhere in his life he stopped growing, and I don't wish to spend a lot of time trying to discern what it was that happened to him that stunted his brain's ability to grow and transform from boy to man,
but clearly something happened along the way that stopped the leap into being an adult.
 To those of you who voted for him, especially those of you I knew back in the days we were all being educated by the same teachers with the same words, and having all read from the same textbooks,
what happened to you to bend your brain into believing his words on the campaign trail,
and better yet, to allow yourselves to still follow him knowing that he speaks the words of a fifth grade boy?
 It's a difficult thing to admit you made the wrong choice, especially when voting for a President, but if you are now seeing the light, please call your representatives in Congress and tell them to do what it takes to remove this man child from our White House.  Perhaps in 2020 you will be given a new and better choice.  Perhaps it will be an educated, well-spoken and truly caring man that will do his best to build this nation up and not tear it down.  Not lie to it's people. Not take rights away.  Not take away health coverage for those who need it most. Not use the office for his own good, and perhaps surround himself with good people that he trusts enough to listen to, rather than brush them off and ignore their advice as a fifth grade boy would do.
We all make mistakes from time to time,
but it's time to fess up and fix yours.
He's done enough damage and it would be best if he were to take his skate board and just go home to New York.


  1. I'm with you!!! I just.. don't...get it! I still live in a TINY Nebraska town, but seriously-we have news sources and internet here! READ-STUDY-Fact Check, ask questions-that is not a hard thing!
    What's more, I'm just STUNNED at how many who voted for T say, "he's doing what he said he'd do, it HAS to be better than Obama", and so on. I am the same age as you are and I'm appalled and honestly more than a bit frightened at what I see happening. The hate, the deceit, the backwards decline of equality in so many areas and decline in just plain CARING. Caring about everything. People, animals, healthcare, our planet-EVERYTHING!
    I am surrounded by supporters for T and I just want to ask how they can support him when so much he says has proven to be lies PLUS his delivery is, YES, like a 5th grade boy (and that's being unkind to the boy!)
    Thank you for having the courage and strength to say what a lot of us are thinking!

  2. I agree . . . I just don't get it . . .
    I am 20 years older than you, educated in Iowa schools like you, same siubjects . . .
    One thing I think we learned was REGARD . . .
    Maybe it wasn't a learned thing, just how it was, who we were.
    We had regard for one another even when we didn't agree.
    T isn't presidential . . . correct, fifth grader, go play on your skate board.
    The thing I find perplexing is that there are many people who think he is as good as "fresh cow's milk.
    How could we have such differing opinions.
    Before long, one of his statements will cause him to simply implode . . .
    I am surprised it hasn't happened yet . . .

  3. Beautifully stated. Like you, I am so perplexed. I'm in Michigan and we're usually a "blue" state but this year, Trump took it. And I don't get it either. There's a big group of people I don't resonate with in general on many things but there was also a big group of people I consider reasonably logical; smart people with good educations and a fairly broad world view. I've been so disappointed in so much of our country but one thing that does encourage me is that people are becoming more involved. I know those who had never written to a Congressman or attended a public meeting who are now doing so. It's a start.