Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Husband's Day

 Just a few shots from Memorial Day week-end. my husband's day, since it brings to mind some of the wins in his Viet Nam days as well as the losses of those he fought with over the skies of Laos and Cambodia.

This first shot is of our daughter's family just before embarking on a Holiday hike.
They love the outdoors!
 And, one of the flags I put out in the flower containers on the back deck of our home.
There was just enough breeze to keep them waving all day. I purchase them for a song and a dance price at our local Wal-Mart.  It's an easy and inexpensive way to show the love we have for our country and our troops.
 Taking a load off his feet while the two racks of rib are grilling.
He was laughing as he texted with our daughter in Arizona.

 No rain but the skies were overcast which kept the temperatures a bit lower for us.
Memorial week-end can be known for being too warm and too humid, so the gray skies helped us in staying comfortable while outdoors.
 Long may she wave!
 My inexpensive straw hat from TJ Maxx helped keep the rays off me little head, and the beads were simply cheapies from Wal-Mart to help me look a bit festive.
The blouse was from Stein-Mart for anyone interested in fashion for summertime and keeping cool.
 My husband had had a black hat with his Spectre unit's logo on the front for years, but after it finally took on a 'much too shabby' look, he ordered a new one this past year as well as a few pins, one says Laos and the other Cambodia.
He wears it proudly!
 Tending to the ribs on the grill.... adding a bit of bar b q sauce.
 A friend brought us a home baked berry pie.  Delicious, especially with a scoop of vanilla ice cream plopped on top.
 Donning my new summertime apron while hugging a friend who's husband was away for four days flying, which is his job.

Thanks for stopping by, my dear readers!
Hope your week-end was special as well.

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