Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rainy Day Misc Chatter

 It's a quiet Saturday here. We had random rain sprinkles for a couple of days, but now today and for the next couple of days we are having RAIN.  Seems kind of nice to be all snug as a bug in the house and not having to go anywhere while the April showers happen outside.
 I thought I would show you a bit more about the PopSocket.  They come in such cute designs.  You can see mine in the photo above attached to the back of my iPhone. 
 Here it is pulled out and tilted in such a position that the phone sits on a surface.  You can easily view a video when in this position.  It's handy!
I also use it as a handle for extra grip when reading websites.
 It's cute, and at some point I may order one using one of my own photos on it.  

 Just a shot taken a week ago of the phlox as it snugs up around a stone.  It's so pretty and makes a super ground cover for springtime color in the yard.
 So, there's the back wall of the porch which we have not yet made a decision on as to whether or not we will be taking down the vinyl shingles and using something lighter.  I have a counter height, tile top table ordered for the corner on the right.  Should be here within 10-14 days.
 Dinners on the porch have consisted of cucumber, onion and bell pepper salads sprinkled with Zesty Italian dressing and a bit of Dill Weed.  Just adds a bit of fine flavor to the mix.
Asparagus and barbecued chicken have been high on our list this spring also.
In fact, we planted asparagus in the garden about three years ago and are just now able to take some cuttings of our very own asparagus.
It's delicious!
 These are photos of our freshly picked asparagus.
It may not look like a lot, but they were fat and tasty, grilled to perfection and can't wait for more sprouts to be ready for us.

Now.... back to my rainy day and eating one of those cookies baking out in the kitchen by the loving hands of my husband.

1 comment :

  1. I think that PopSocket is a handy little invention.
    I wish I had thought of it . . . to enjoy the extra "coins" to follow. . . .
    Looking out over the trees to catch the view . . .
    I'd probably not change the back wall . . .
    I'd be enjoying roasted vegetables or asparagus
    and some BBQ chicken . . . with not even a glance back wall way.
    Seeing the asparagus . . . I can't wait . . .
    Fresh . . is about as good of a vegetable can be . . .
    Roasted or grilled with some seasoning and parmesan . . . Yum!
    We had one of those absolutely perfect blue sky days yesterday
    And it looks like a repeat for today . . .
    Frosty in the morning . . . perfect by noon . . .
    One more tiny area of spring clean up and I am finished.
    Six non stop days . . . now the mulch can be placed.
    Lenten Rose, Helebore, Bleeding Heart, Wind Flowers, Hyacinth in bloom
    with Japanese Iris getting ready to show . . .
    Loving Springtime right now . . .
    Wishing the same for you Diane . . .