Monday, April 24, 2017

It Will Have To Wait

 I've lost track, but I THINK this is day three of rain.  Constant rain.  A light constant rain.
 I cancelled today's dental cleaning since driving to my dentist entails an hour on Interstate 81, and even on dry roads I am wary of the drive.  So it's cancelled and re-scheduled for early June.  
The pansies are in heaven with this cool 47 degree morning weather and the unstoppable moisture.
 The rain is knocking the pink petals off the azalea bush. but the phlox seems to be taking the weather in stride this week.
 So it's time for other things to put a a bit of color into our landscape.
 Cedar mulch was ordered and arrived that same day.
We love the quality of any soil or mulch they deliver to us.
High quality stuff.
 My husband is such a hands on guy and can never just sit and watch.
He swings the back of the dump truck open, and would probably hop in the cab and do the dumping of the mulch if they would let him.  LOL 
 And of course there is always extra help waiting to help and make the job go faster.
 We planted this Elsie Lee azalea two years ago.... it's not growing as quickly as a few of the other bushes, but it's healthy and within a couple more years should be the height of another just like it that we have.  This is more of an upright azalea bush... it gets four to five feet high when maturity is reached.

 Soft petals that almost remind me of a hibiscus or possibly a carnation.
Enjoy the day, Ladies, and...

 don't let all this rain
 get you down.


  1. I'm getting my pansies in this week. One of my favorite flowers. All your garden is lovely!

  2. Your garden looks wonderful!! Azaleas hate me, they don't work at all in any garden I've ever had. Such a shame, they are truly lovely. I finally see the trees starting to leaf out here, how exciting! Rain and cold here today also, high of 45. My pansies will also be happy!

  3. Rain arriving here today . . . we need it . . .
    We are into "mulch mania" around here too.
    Thank you for the pink pretties . . .

  4. Raining here in Ottawa too. And raining, and raining. And cold. Akkk. Maybe we should have stayed in South America!